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a bit off the beadin' path but well worth the trip!


American Glass

We represent local glass-bead artists Sher Berman and Karen Ovington. We also have a selection of David Christensen’s furnace glass.

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Sher Berman
Karen Ovington

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Czech Glass

Our Czech fire-polish collection is spectacular – from 2mm to 8mm (and larger) in hundreds of colors!

Our selection of pressed glass is so amazing that it takes up more than 100 feet of wall in our store! From large focal beads to small rounds and everything in between, including 2mm beads with a pearl-like finish.   

We are proud of our fringe beads inventory as well, with rizos, drops, daggers, leaves and flowers than range from tiny to dramatically large.

Many, many, many superduos and as well as the Czechmate™ 2-hole system beads: bricks, lentils, triangles, crescents and daggers. Plus other 2-hole beads: rullas, pyramids, piggy beads and hexagons.

 "O" beads and triangles beads are great for spacers and embellishment.

Lots of buttons in different shapes and sizes, great for clasps or as focals.

Vintage nailheads (European circa 1900) come in many colors and shapes.  

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* For example only-no guarantee on stock
Fabulous little beads

Japanese:  we have 11º delicas and seed beads sizes in 15º, 11º, 8º, 6º, 3º and 2º.  Cubes come in 4mm and 3mm.  Other shaped-beads: tilas, 1/2 tilas, magatamas, long magatamas, bugles, drops, hex and triangle seed beads.


Czech:  11º hanks, 6º in tubes; 9º and 12º cuts; and charlottes in 6º, 8º, 11º, 13º and 15º; peanut beads (2x4mm and 3x6mm).  All of these Czech beads are 60% off.

Chinese crystal rondelles

are available in sizes 2x2x1 to 18x14 in a variety of colors.  These are an inexpensive quality alternative to Austrian crystal.